Evan Solomon

One frame at a time


  1. Evan Solomon

    Hanni, that would be an awful mistake. The sides are going to be amazing, as you’ll see throughout the day.

    By the way, the roast is 6.5 lbs. By my calculation, if you ate all the meat, you’d roughly double your body weight.

  2. hanni

    I’m so jealous that it would appear I am basically stalking your meal progress via Twitter & WP.com. I think I’ll go and make food, or, um, get a life, or something now.

  3. hanni

    Fair point. Also, it looks pretty non gluten too. I guess I’ll begrudgingly embrace variety. It’s the spice of life and all that etc.

    Is it wrong that I now see this as some kind of challenge to try and eat 6.5lbs of meat in your presence at some point?


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