Evan Solomon

One frame at a time


  1. Evan Solomon

    I think that a properly-cooked burger requires no condiments. Condiments add flavor and moisture, but a burger that’s actually medium rare is plenty moist, and a delicious patty + bacon + egg is all the flavor I need.

    For inferior burgers, I’m happy to apply a little ketchup to get things moving.

  2. Joen A.

    I suppose that’s technically true, and most of the burgers I’ve had have really needed the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mayo, cheese and whatever else they might add.

  3. Evan Solomon

    I don’t like cheese (gasp!), so that’s out right away. I don’t usually care for tomatoes or mayo on a burger because I think the textures are weird together. Lettuce and onions I am happy to partake in, but usually I leave all that off when I go for the fried egg.

    Next time you are in SF I’d be happy to tread you to a lettuce-tomato-onion-ketchup-may-and-cheese-free burger to see if you agree 🙂


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